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Keeping You Informed

Ken Burns Electrical Contractors is a registered contractor in the State of Connecticut (Lic# E1-122157). Contractor registration may be verified by calling the Connecticut State Department of Labor & Industries at 860-263-6000.

Ken Burns Electrical Contractors is bonded in accordance with Connecticut State contractor requirements. Our insurance includes $2 million business coverage, with General Liability and Worker’s Compensation policies.

Ken Burns

The Secretary of State is responsible for registering and licensing private corporations, limited partnerships and trademarks. Ken Burns Electrical Contractors is registered to conduct business in the State of Connecticut. Registration may be verified on the Secretary of State’s website.
If an electrician representing him or herself as a business causes damage to property or persons while at your address, you need to know you are covered by their General Liability insurance Policy. Otherwise, you may be left held holding a sizable repair or medical bill. If the electrician is uninsured, you cannot collect on damages without incurring the additional expense of court costs. If an electrician is injured on your property, you are protected by his or her Worker’s Compensation insurance. Worker’s Compensation may not be carried by all electrical contractors. Individuals operating as an electrical contractor may legally elect not to be covered. Vehicle and Liability Insurance is required in all cases. Ensure you are covered by asking if they are… and most importantly – ask for proof!

Ken Burns Electrical Contractors Worker�s Comp Premium Status account is current. Our firm has voluntarily reported and paid our premiums. You may verify this on the Connecticut State Department of Labor website.

Yes, we would be happy to provide you with a list of references for our residential customers. You can also view a sample of some of our commercial clients below:

Depending on the scope of your job you will almost always need a permit. Please be aware that electrical contractors must purchase their own electrical permits for work they do on your property. If your contractor is resistant to or unable to pull a work permit this should send a red flag to you. It will usually be that they are not insured or licensed to work in your area. Ken Burns Electrical Contractors will pull a permit for most of the work that we do.